This is one of the problems faced by men who isstart bodybuilding. This can be, for example, their pectorals, their arms or their shoulders. And for good reason, these muscles are often less stressed in everyday life and therefore worked less.

If you find that you are certain muscles do not develop as fast as the others. Bingo is a weak point and in this article I show you how balance your physique in order to have the most harmonious and aesthetic physique possible.

1. The importance of strength training

Strength training is a training technique that involves stimulating and strengthening muscles through the use of weights, machines or non-traditional movements. The benefits of bodybuilding are numerous.

His exercises allow a gain of muscle mass, an increase in power and speed, an improvement in sports performance and better endurance.

Weight training powerfully develops the whole body, so that the muscles are more resistant and better proportioned. Strength training is one of the physical activities that provide the most health benefits.

Strength training is a great way to losing weight. It burns fat by breaking down fatty tissue and converting it into energy, in case it remains in excess.

2. Reasons for poor bodybuilding results

If you have started to practice physical activity, you have probably experienced the frustration of seeing that your progress are too much slow or that your results are not up to your expectations. If you exercise, the reasons probably lie in your overall approach.

The results of the athlete depend on several factors. The main reason is to have a trainer and a training program. However, it is necessary to take into consideration that the body needs time to adapt to a new program. So you have to be patient and go gradually.

Lack of commitment and poor lifestyle are also common difficulties. If you don’t have time to exercise or don’t enjoy it, maybe you should switch to another activity or try exercising at home without training equipment.

It is also important to take rest for the health of the body.

The lack of experience and knowledge is also a factor influencing the results. It is therefore important to choose the trainer and the training program well, to study the sport and bodybuilding before starting to practice.

3. The weak point


As said at the beginning of this article, a weakness is a muscle that is struggling to grow or it will grow more slowly than your other muscles.

This instantly causes disharmony on your physique, but no worries, it’s totally natural and everyone on this planet Earth has weak points.

Now, there are very specific techniques and exercises for each person in order toimprove your weak point until potentially they become your strong points, it’s possible. Just read the rest of this article to find out.

Why does one muscle develop less well than the others?

It’s simply because your body is constantly changing, it’s constantly adapting. It adapts its muscle mass and its force receptors according to your work and your diet.

If you are in a period of growth, your muscles will grow faster than those who are in stabilization phase.

When your body goes into the stabilization phase, the muscles that have taken on the most volume will stabilize and take on less volume than the others.

In other words, you will see a muscle develop differently, or even worse than the others.

4. How to correct the weak point

Before you start training, you need to know what your weakness. Indeed, you must choose the exercises and series to work on your strong points and not your weak points. You won’t be able to improve the type of body type you want to have if you don’t know what’s best for you.

Once you have identified your weakness, you can start training your body or figure. First try the exercises that will improve this weak point and work on your strengths afterwards.


5. The right exercises

Each person has weak points different, we cannot give you only on a specific muscle because everyone is different.

You must therefore choose your exercises according to your weak point that you had identified.

Here are some examples of exercises to work on weak points:

  • THE weakness of the pectorals : The barbell bench press
  • THE weak point of the triceps: The pulley triceps extension
  • THE leg weakness : Barbell squats
  • THE weak point in the back : Pull-ups

The exercises are basic, but what matters to improve your weak points are regularity and progressive overload.

If you focus during your next 3 months on your weak points during your workouts while adding progressive overload week after week.

You will get results and your weak point will grow in size.

You can also use targeted repetitions, the principle is to do sets of 20 to 25 repetitions for each exercise placed on a weak point.


You can see that building muscle is a very demanding work discipline that requires physical and mental preparation.

Developing muscle for your weak points is very complex, but if you follow the tips and steps given in this article, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming more harmonious, more aesthetic and stronger.

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