Bodybuilding requires continuous effort and a diet aimed at increasing muscle mass, so here are some tips for building muscle.

Let’s learn about the following, a group of muscle building tips, in addition to important information about muscle building:

muscle building tips
Tips for building muscle are as follows:

  1. Start with a warm-up
    Before any physical exercise, no matter how easy it is , a warm-up must be done. The warm-up serves as an alert to the bones and muscles of the presence of a movement change that will control them. This warm-up aims to reduce muscle tension, reduce muscle rupture, and reduce the incidence of injuries.
  2. Gradually practice the exercises according to their difficulty 
    Relatively easy exercises should be practiced at the beginning, making sure that each exercise has been performed using all kinds of equipment, and can be repeated several times, about 20 times, before starting a more difficult exercise.

It is always recommended that the first month be to stabilize the muscle and prepare it to carry heavier weights at a later time.

  1. Do difficult exercises with caution
    After going through the initial exercise period, which included groups that were repeated 20 times for a period of not less than one month of training, as mentioned previously, the matter of carrying heavier weights will begin, and here one must be very careful not to lift them for the first time in anticipation of injury.
  2. Scientific identification of muscles
    Muscle building is something that requires scientific knowledge of muscle composition to know how to deal with it, and one of the most important information that you must know is that for every muscle that is exercised in the gym, there is an antagonist muscle.

The antagonist muscle is the one that performs the reverse process of the other muscle, and this means increasing muscle building, for example:

The antagonist of the biceps muscle (front hand muscle) is the triceps muscle (back hand muscle).
The antagonistic muscle of the pectoral muscle is the back muscle.

  1. Move from machines to free weights
    It is important to note that there is a big difference between the various bodybuilding equipment and free weights, as the greatness of the different sports equipment is evident in that it limits movement and maintains the balance of the body, and thus it prevents injuries, and the negative side is that it occupies a smaller number of motor units and increases muscle size.

On the other hand, the free weights prepared for the advanced exercisers allow the freedom of movement of the muscles, and the advantage in that is the presence of more and more motor units that work and with which it is possible to achieve the maximum results in enlarging the muscle, and the negative side of this freedom of movement lies in the risk of injury and inflammation in the  muscles is increasing.

  1. Follow a specific diet
    While practicing muscle building exercises, care must be taken to consume an appropriate amount of  proteins , and it is recommended to consult a nutritionist in this regard.
  2. Do muscle building exercises at least twice a week
    In order to effectively increase muscle mass, it is recommended to exercise three to four times a week.
  3. Rest
    During your exercise routine, you should take care to get good and adequate sleep, as your muscles will develop precisely while you are resting. 

It is worth noting that muscles need to rest for 24 to 72 hours between each training session.

Is protein powder necessary to build muscle?
It cannot be said that protein powder is necessary for building muscles, as eating foods rich in proteins may give a better result, and the most prominent of these foods are: poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

Important information about building muscle
Here is an important set of information about muscle building that you should know:

Aerobic exercise is a very important factor in increasing muscle size, because these exercises strengthen the heart and improve blood flow in the body, which means that the muscles will gain good blood flow, which in turn will contribute to their operation and thus increase their size.
Increasing muscle size   should be among the goals that must be achieved within a specific period of time. If the goal is not there, then the desire for continuity may decrease day after day. 

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