In the following article, we will talk about the most important information that may be related to the topic of sports for diabetics.

In the following article, we will talk about sports for diabetics, in addition to the role of health in general for diabetics:

Sports for diabetics
It is worth knowing that exercise can improve insulin action  in diabetics, and it can reduce the need to take medication . Exercise may relieve tension, stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and reduce the feeling of hunger.

Reducing calories in diabetics should not only be limited to reducing meals or replacing white sugar with sucralose and eating only light-fat foods, but also sports should be included, after consulting a specialist doctor.

In addition, exercise and aerobic exercise can prevent complications from diabetes , reduce the possibility of heart disease, and help burn excess body fat and control glucose levels. Caution and safety so as not to cause themselves harm because of their illness.

Exercise tips for diabetics
In order to take the inherent benefit of exercising for diabetics, they must follow some tips related to how to exercise in the right and proper way, and among the most important of these tips for exercising for diabetics are the following:

Obtain the approval of the attending physician before starting a new sport.
Take fruit juice, or any kind of sugar before going out to practice any kind of sports, in anticipation of a low blood sugar level, especially when exercising away from home.
Wear shoes suitable for the type of sport you play to prevent injuries and wounds to the feet , and it is also recommended to wear special socks for sports to prevent excessive friction that can cause injury.
Ensure that there are no wounds or ulcers on the legs before exercising and wearing shoes.
Keep drinking water before, during, and after exercise.
Taking personal identification when going to exercise in anticipation of fainting or in anticipation of the emergence of a need to go to receive medical assistance.
Checking the blood sugar level before and after exercising, and it is also advised to consult a doctor regarding the appropriate blood sugar level before exercising.
Stop exercising and check your blood sugar level if you feel shakiness, anxiety, excessive sweating or any unusual change in heart rhythm (heart rate).
Doing muscle warm-up exercises for 5-10 minutes before practicing any kind of sports, so that the body is ready for sports and is not surprised by difficult and intense exercises.
Exercising for 30 minutes a day, and it does not have to be continuous, but rather it can be divided during the day.
Aerobic exercise for diabetics; Because it improves the health of the body.
Practicing types of sports that involve more than one participant, and in this way it is possible to develop social relationships and meet new people.
Swimming, as it helps to feel relaxed, and it is advised to practice it for those who suffer from arthritis ; Because it does not exert pressure on the joints and enables relaxation and comfort in the water.
Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Types of sports for diabetics
The types of sports that are recommended for diabetics are aerobic exercise, such as:

jump rope.
Bike riding.
There are some types of sports that are not considered aerobic exercises, so they are less beneficial for diabetics, such as horse riding, golf, football, volleyball, and bowling.

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