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All you need to know about working on the Internet

Working on the Internet has become a window of hope opened to Arab youth thanks to the technological revolution that the current era is witnessing, which has led to changes in the quality of jobs that are most in demand in the labor market. This type of work was a haven for finding real job opportunities, escaping from unemployment and increasing income. For that, we have prepared this article as a comprehensive encyclopedic guide that guides you on how to get work online, and the most popular areas for working from home.

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What is the concept of working on the Internet?

The concept of online work includes everything that can be done through the Internet for the benefit of an entity, company, or person, in exchange for a specific fee agreed upon in advance between the two parties, or any electronic project via the Internet that targets an audience of customers. With some effort, you can invest your expertise and skills in any field to seize one of the job opportunities on the Internet, to achieve profit and access to financial security without going to any workplace, and this is what we will discuss in detail later.

Online work is mainly associated with the common term work from home, due to the possibility of performing work tasks and managing them completely from home. It takes many forms, as follows:

1. Freelancing online

Online freelancing is when you work as a freelancer on different and separate projects for different clients from all over the world on a contract basis. And the work is – often – through reliable self-employment platforms , such as: the Five and Independent platforms (we will introduce you to them more shortly).

2. Telework

Remote work is when you work for specific companies or organizations remotely through the Internet, without being physically present at the company’s headquarters, whether on a full or part time basis. Today, many companies tend to employ remote work teams, such as: Hsoub Company , which employs remote work teams in many fields.

3. Digital projects

If you prefer to start your own integrated project, e-projects are one of the patterns of work on the Internet that have proven to be profitable, and it is one of the best investment projects that qualify for success, such as: creating a YouTube channel or e-commerce and others .

Why did the work-from-home culture spread over the Internet?

Many factors contributed to the spread of the culture of working from home and the trend towards working on the Internet globally and in the Arab world, especially with the availability of tools, technologies and platforms that facilitated that experience, such as freelance platforms that provide skilled freelancers with job opportunities, and allow digital entrepreneurs to hire the best competencies that serve their projects. The most prominent of these factors:

1. Economic crises

Economic crises globally and in the Arab world have a direct impact on the labor market, which has led to a rise in the unemployment rate to 200 million people worldwide, while 14.3 million people suffer from unemployment in the Arab world. The groups most affected by unemployment are youth and women. Therefore, the opportunities offered by online work in many fields are a safe haven for Arab youth. To invest their skills in achieving an income that guarantees them financial security.

2. The limitations of the traditional job

The traditional job restricted its employees with many restrictions, which are represented in: unfair conditions – at times – and mediation and racial or religious discrimination, which prevents competencies from reaching the positions they deserve. The lack of opportunities also led to the admission of workers for forced low wages. As well as other constraints on creativity and flexibility, due to strict labor policies.

As for working on the Internet, it is linked to the standard of quality, skill and commitment, which raises the rate of job satisfaction among workers via the Internet, due to their feeling of empowerment, strength and equality.

3. Waste of human and material resources

Many tasks and businesses do not require regular full-time workers, as they are specific tasks that can be undertaken from outside the company’s headquarters. Employing regular workers on such tasks leads to wasting the companies’ material resources and high operating costs, in addition to wasting human resources and energies that would have been more appropriate. Exploiting them in a self-employment pattern that is not bound by traditional full-time employment. From here, the trend towards working on the Internet in its various forms that we mentioned was a good solution to exploit human resources and reduce operating costs.

Advantages of working online

The advantages of working on the Internet are increasing that motivate you to turn to this learn his skills. The following is a brief reference to the most prominent of these advantages:

  • Work according to your passion, even if it contradicts your degrees or studies, what matters is how skilled you are in the field you have chosen. There is no doubt that following your passion is what drives you to creativity and self-development and skills.
  • Getting started often does not require a lot of capital, all you need is a computer connected to the Internet, and some additional tools that are not expensive depending on the field in which you will be involved, which are not at all compared to the cost of establishing an integrated business on the ground, as we will explain.
  • Unlike traditional work, profit through work on the Internet is not bound by a specific limit, as the amount of profit is related to the extent of your experience and skills. And you can increase your income by doubling your energy and working on more than one project at the same time.
  • Flexibility in choosing projects and managing them according to your vision – most of the time – and the ability to manage your time and divide your work tasks according to your circumstances, and the freedom to choose a workplace if you want to work from home, in your own office, or in a cafe.
  • Openness to an unlimited labor market, as work via the Internet is not bound by geographical boundaries, so the more skills and experience you have, the more you can expand in the labor market however you want. This is also related to your ability to market yourself in light of the great competition in the job market on the Internet, as we will detail.

Online business challenges

It is useful, before starting, to familiarize yourself with the challenges of working online that you will inevitably face, so that you are ready for such challenges with advance solutions and well-thought-out plans, so do not discourage you from continuing. Here are the most prominent challenges and some tips that will help you overcome each challenge:

1. Irregular return

The return from working on the Internet will not be regular. It is obvious that your profit at the beginning of the path will be limited, but it can be increased without limit according to your merit, the quality of your work and your skills. So; We advise you not to rush to leave your traditional job as soon as you start working online. You can work part-time at first, until you reach a stage of financial security that qualifies you to work full-time.

It is necessary to make sure to save even a small part of your profits, and make sure that you adhere to that habit, because working via the Internet will not guarantee you a retirement pension, insurances, or vacations, as is the case in a traditional job. The good news is that many areas of online work can be developed with some effort into a passive income source that secures future money flow without effort (many examples await you for clarification later).

2. Unlimited flexibility

It is true that working on the Internet is characterized by flexibility, as we have indicated, but do not be under the illusion that it is absolute flexibility. If you freelance as a freelancer, you are bound by specific deadlines, amendments, feedback from clients, and so on. And if you turn to work remotely for a company, you are also committed to the delivery dates, in addition to following the policies, instructions and conditions of that company. And if you create your own project such as: creating an online store or a YouTube channel , you have to commit to a lot of stressful responsibilities, in order to achieve the desired profit.

On the other hand, Internet workers are bound by the need for permanent communication and almost continuous presence on the Internet, to follow up on job opportunities that are constantly updated, to apply for what is commensurate with their skills, to start their projects and to communicate with their clients. It is inevitable, because permanent communication and continuity are the basis of work on the Internet.

3. Difficulty managing time

Your business on the Internet is subject to your management, and it is not an easy challenge, as you have to acquire time management skills , so that you can organize your work that you run – often – from home, which may conflict with or overwhelm your living conditions and affect your social life.

4. Great competition

Getting a job online is linked to your ability to build a competitive advantage for your skills or for your project that will help you stand out among many competitors in the job market. The extent of your success is determined by continuing to develop your expertise and acquire more skills.

5. Success is not instantaneous

One of the most important challenges of working on the Internet is that achieving tangible results through it requires patience, effort, and time, which may block the way for many who have been under the illusion that achieving success in this type of work is instantaneous or very easy! But it preaches serious people who have a passion that drives them to continue, a real value that they want to present to their clients, and a skill that the labor market needs, as they do not hesitate to develop and refine it to keep pace with market developments.

Business areas on the Internet

We will categorize the areas of online work according to the path you decide to take based on your capabilities, skills and passions; Either you offer your services and skills as a freelancer and work in one of the fields of self-employment via the Internet, or you work for a company with a remote work system, or you decide to work on creating your own electronic project via the Internet.

Areas of self-employment and remote work

Before we start enumerating the areas in which you can work on the Internet as a freelancer or a remote worker, it is necessary to pay attention to the virtual work environment that will embrace cooperation between you and your customers, such as reliable freelance platforms, which are the shortest way to reach customers, or sites that Remote work jobs are posted.

A safe work environment protects you from exposure to fraud or fraud, and it suffices you to fall behind fake job sites. Here is a list of the best Arab websites to work online:

  • Fives

Fives platform is the largest Arab market for microservices, and it is one of the self-employment platforms through which you can provide your services to customers at prices starting from $5. The platform acts as an intermediary between you and the clients to guarantee the rights of both parties. Find out here how to add your services on Fiverr , and then read carefully the 10 tips to increase the chances of selling your services.

  • independent

An independent platform is the largest freelance platform in the Arab world. Through it, you can submit your offers on projects that customers add to the platform, at prices starting from $25. It is necessary to create a distinguished business gallery that attracts customers independently. The platform also acts as a mediator between freelancers and entrepreneurs. Learn more about how a standalone platform works .

  • far

Baeed is one of the remote work sites, through which companies advertise their vacancies, so you can apply for the job that suits your skills. The role of the site is limited to managing and receiving employment applications without mediation between the parties, and it sends new vacancies to your mailing list as soon as you subscribe. Creating a unique profile on the go helps you convince companies to hire you.

We now move on to enumerating the areas of work on the Internet that you can pursue, whether in freelancing or remote work. Note that some of the fields that we will mention have related sub-fields, and each requires different skills, so find your passion and what matches your skills in the following:

1. Writing and editing

Written work is one of the most popular fields of work via the Internet. If you have the skill and ability to produce unique and exclusive written content, you have a great opportunity to get work online and make a profit from writing. It should be noted that each type of writing requires different skills, as the written work varies according to the intended purpose of writing as follows:

Creative writing

Creative writing aims to leave an emotional impact on the recipient that pushes him to continue reading, and requires special skills in creating a plot and story behind each written piece. This type of writing usually includes: poetry, stories , novels, literary and rhetorical writing, and the like. Learn the secrets of professional writing creative content , and employ yourself among the creative writing service providers on Fiverr.

Functional writing

Functional writing is based on drafting in a formal manner, such as writing research, academic writing, writing website content, news, administrative letters, reports, official letters , resumes, contracts, and the like. It aims to deliver specific information in a direct declarative manner devoid of emotional impact. Master the rules and types of functional writing, and hire yourself now among the providers of academic writing services on Fiverr.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the types of e-marketing that aims to attract the attention of the target audience by providing content that represents value to them, but it does not do direct marketing for the brand. The ultimate purpose of content marketing is to grab the attention of potential customers, build trust relationships that turn them into actual customers , and indirectly drive them to engage with a call-to-action (CTA).

And your success in content marketing depends on your ability to improve search engines (SEO), to ensure that your content is on the top of search engines and appears in front of the largest number of potential customers. It is also necessary for the content to be exclusive, of quality and not copied, to comply with SEO requirements.

Writing for user experience

User experience writing is a writing discipline related to drafting texts in the user interface of applications, websites, games, online stores, and any digital product, such as: button texts, menu labels, error messages, notifications, call-to-action (CTA) texts, instructions for use, and so on. You can hone your skills in learning to write the user experience to start working on the Internet with that skill. Note how user experience writing has improved the experience of using the Fiverr platform interface

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