Definition of bodybuildin

Bodybuilding is a system of exercises dedicated to promoting muscle growth in the body and promoting general health and physical fitness. Weights, dumbbells and other resistance exercise tools are used in bodybuilding exercises. It is indicated that bodybuilding exercises are part of competitive activities through muscle width, mass, and consistency. and its aesthetic effect.

Promote muscle building

Increased muscle size

It is preferable to increase the size of the muscles to practice multi-joint exercises, which are those exercises that require more than one joint to work together simultaneously to move the load; For example, squatting is a multi-point exercise; As its practice requires the work of the hips, knees and other areas, while the leg stretching exercise contains one joint movement, as it works by moving the knee joint only.

Rest period after exercise

Rest periods after exercise are divided into three groups, the first is the short period of up to 30 seconds as a maximum, the medium period of 60 to 90 seconds, and the long period of up to three minutes as a minimum; It is noteworthy that the short period is not sufficient to restore muscle strength, and the long period weakens the metabolism process. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to the intermediate period to enhance muscle response and increase its growth.


Carbohydrates are the main source that provides the body with energy, and when consumed excessively, the pancreas gland secretes the hormone insulin and stores fat in the body. Complex carbohydrates provide the body with permanent energy, while simple carbohydrates provide it with immediate energy. Examples of complex carbohydrates are: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice, And peas, and simple carbohydrates: such as apples, bananas, grapefruits, grapes, and oranges.


The body needs protein to promote muscle building and fat burning, and it is recommended to consume two to three grams of protein per kilogram of fat-free body weight per day, and good sources of protein: eggs, chicken breasts, turkey, lean meat, and tuna.

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