Fast food ingredients that cause harm
Fast food is associated with a group of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, [1] because of the ingredients it contains; They contain large quantities of sugar, salt, and saturated fats, and lack nutritional values ​​that give the benefit, [2] Colors, flavorings, and preservatives are also added to fast food, because they are prepared quickly and in large quantities every day, so these materials help improve their taste. And the demand of individuals for it, [3] and the ingredients of fast food differ according to their types and method of preparation. Here are the most prominent components of fast food that can be harmful:

Most fast food contains large amounts of sugar in baked goods and sauces added to the meal, and the nature of the sugar added to fast food may differ from that prepared at home, as different types of sugar are used, such as; High fructose corn syrup, which is a highly processed substance that negatively affects health. [3]

Most fast food is prepared using saturated fats , in addition to the widespread use of hydrogenated oils, as these fats and oils cause high bad cholesterol in the body and low good cholesterol. [1] [3]

the salt
The body needs salt in specific quantities daily and when eating fast food, there is a possibility that this amount will be exceeded, because large amounts of salt are added to fast food in order to preserve it and improve its taste, and salt is not limited to sodium, but there are other substances, such as; Monosodium glutamate, which can affect appetite, and reduce the sense of satiety to push you to eat more . [1] [3]

Some types of fast food consist of meat, cheese and other ingredients, which in turn contain quantities of saturated fats and some additives. Here are examples of these additives: [1] [4] [ 3 ]

Growth hormones and antibiotics added to some meats in fast food.
Preservatives such as nitrates, which are added to some types of sausage, are linked to an increased risk of diabetes and cancer.
Preservatives, including butyl hydroquinone, added to fried potatoes, which, if consumed in high concentrations, increase the risk of vision problems.
Artificial colors and flavors, which give a taste similar to natural fruits, are used in some types of milkshakes with fruits.
Propylene glycol, which prevents moisture from entering ready meals, and high concentrations are toxic to the body.
Casein is a protein extracted from cow’s milk that is prepared in a concentrated form. It is processed in fast food and is found in cheese, cakes, and creamy salad toppings. This substance can cause a degree of addiction to the foods it contains.

The effects of fast food on the body
After the components of fast food that cause harm have been mentioned, the following will mention the damage caused by fast food to the body in the long and short term:

Fast food damage in the short term
Because of the sugar, salt and fat components of fast food, they make you vulnerable to the following damages: [2]

High blood pressure and fluid retention in the body due to large amounts of salt.
Lack of healthy nutrition and poverty in important nutrients, such as; Fiber, due to the lack of eating fruits and vegetables in the event of dependence on fast food.
A sharp rise in blood sugar, which stimulates the secretion of amounts of insulin in the body to lower its levels, which gives a feeling of exhaustion and hunger after a meal.

Long-term effects of fast food
Eating fast food continuously and repeatedly causes harm to the body that can be noticed after a period of time, and these damages include the following: [2]

Obesity, which is associated with many diseases, heart disease and high blood pressure, which makes the individual more susceptible to stroke.
The effect on memory and thinking ability, as it is likely that eating an unbalanced diet in addition to eating large amounts of saturated fats is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
Affecting the body’s immunity and making it more susceptible to infection, as it is likely to increase the chances of developing cancer and exacerbating some allergic diseases, such as: asthma and eczema.
Infection with some diseases of the digestive system; This is due to the lack of beneficial fibers in fast food, which causes constipation and the effect of these meals on the health and balance of beneficial bacteria in the stomach

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