2 larre eggs

: a cup of sugar

: a pinch of salt

; vailla or lemon -flavored yogurt


; Zest of 2 lemons YELLOW OR GREEN

One juice of a lemon

; 3 and a half cups of flour MEASURE WITH YOGURT CUP

; 2 sachets of baking powder 8 GRAMS

; vanilla


1 firstly?, in a bowl we blend 2 eggs a pinch of salt with a cup of sugar for almost 7min for the really best batter the we uplod all the other ingredients gradually ( VANILLA A CUP OIL VANILLA OR LEMON YOGURT AS WELL AS THE ZEST OF 2 LEMONS ) then we mix them with whisk slightly.

2 the we add flur and baking powfer and blend them with a spatula until well combined

3 we juice one lemon for a uniquely tasty falovor

4 we pour the batter into a loaf pan

5 the bake in a preheated oven at 360° for 45-50 min

6 let it cool down then sprinkle it with lemon glaze ( 1/2 of lemon juice 1 tbsp of sugar in additon to wetr )

7 finally top with icing sugar and also of lemon

8 enjoy it !

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