the components

  1. Whole chicken 800 gm, skinless, cut in half, washed and soaked with salt and lemon
  2. To boil the chicken we need
  3. one pieceLomi black or Lomi sight
  4. Bay leaves or green curry leaves
  5. OudCinnamon and a spoonful of true bharat
  6. A spoonful of turmeric and a spoonful of salt
  7. To marinate the chicken, we need:
  8. Two tablespoonsof mixed spices
  9. A little yellow food coloring, a little salt, olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon
  10. White rice washed and soaked


Step 1

The first thing is on the fire and as much as cooking, we boil the chicken with hot water, a little turmeric, a little salt, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, correct spices, bay leaf, and boil it until it becomes soft

Step 2

Meanwhile, boil the rice with water, oil, and salt
until it is cooked and drain the water

How to make white rice in the previous post

step 3

Then, in the bottom of the pot, roast an onion with a stick of curry leaves and green pepper with some turmeric and salt, and put the rice on top of it with butter and food coloring..and we are done with the rice. 

You can add potatoes cut into small squares, season them with salt and turmeric, and fry them in oil.

step 4

Take the chicken out of the boiling water and prepare a bowl and put spices, salt, yellow food coloring, lemon juice, olive oil in it, season the chicken in it and fry it with oil until it turns red on both sides ((It is preferable to leave the chicken in the refrigerator, after seasoning it, to rest for half an hour, so that it takes on the flavor of the spices more)) and if you are in a hurry, take it out immediately or put it in the oven..

step 5

Then I put the rice on top of the onion and on top of the fried chicken.

step 6

He offers good health..

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