During World War II, suicide dogs (Pixels) were used.


The animal world is full of surprises that are likely to make you emotional when you hear them. This world is full of plant and animal diversity, and while animals struggle not to be vulnerable to hunger, they develop a defense mechanism against those who want to prey on or hunt them.

The Turkish website “Webtekno” presents an article containing some sad facts mentioned by the article’s author, Gurhan Kulakli, about animals, in the hope that it will help in identifying and understanding them better because they are our partners in this world.


1- If cats do not like their food, they may starve to death

When we provide a meal to cats, we must make sure that they eat it, as kittens – in particular – can be very selective about what they eat, and there are cats that search for different types of prey based on their sense of taste, while cats living at home may reject food. It is presented to it and searches for new food, and prefers to starve to death if it does not find a new taste.

Some cats may prefer to starve to death if they do not taste their food (Pixels)

2- Suicidal dogs

Humans have caused a lot of harm to animals. The former Soviet Union caused one of these harms, in World War II, by planting mines on the bodies of dogs and then sending them to blow them up. These trained dogs believed that they would find food in the bottom of the tanks, and when they arrived… Those areas were exploding and causing the tanks to explode, of course.

3- Cows have “best friends”

Cows, who have stronger social bonds than we think, choose their ‘best friends’, and when these close friends leave, they experience an increased heartbeat as a sign of stress.

Cows have “best friends” and when they leave, they experience an increased heartbeat as a sign of stress (Pixels)

4- A chemical in chocolate kills dogs

Most dog owners know that chocolate causes harm to dogs. What is the reason for this?

The caffeine in chocolate is a chemical that is fatal, or at least disease-causing, in dogs. So, don’t forget that the coffee you drink is also very dangerous for them.

5- Cats purr to relieve stress

According to research, cats can purr to stimulate their muscles and bones while they are in a relaxed state. Purring can also help improve mood, and is close to the feeling humans get when meditating. In addition, cats may choose to purr to indicate that they are in a good mood.



6- Cougars (pumas) cannot roar

Although cougars are wild cats, they cannot roar like lions, tigers, and other wild cats. This type of cat purrs similar to that of house cats, meaning that the puma’s voice is not considered a rattle for its size.

Although pumas are a breed of wild cats, they cannot roar (pixels)

7- Hippopotamus sweat is a blood-like liquid

The translucent substance produced by the hippopotamus’s skin gradually turns brown through red and orange first. This animal, which needs to maintain the moisture of its skin, can meet its needs for bacterial protection, sun protection, hydration and sterilization through this liquid.

A translucent substance produced by a hippopotamus that gradually turns brown through red and orange first (pixels)

8- Baby foxes cannot see or walk when they are born

When a female fox gives birth, her young have no senses of hearing or sight and cannot walk. During this period, the male fox goes out to hunt for his family, while the young remain in the mothers’ burrows, which breastfeed them for several weeks, after which they become stronger thanks to the mother’s milk, regain these senses and begin to walk, and the mother can provide milk for her cubs for about 8 weeks.

When young foxes are born, they do not have the senses of hearing or sight and cannot walk (Pixels)

9- The gestation period for elephants is approximately two years

Elephants are animals that have the longest gestation period, lasting from 640 to 660 days. There is also a period of 4 to 5 years between births of a female elephant. In addition, the average weight of a newborn elephant is 113 kilograms.

10- Cats do not feel sweet taste

Due to a special mutation in the cat’s genes, its tongue cannot taste sweet taste, and these cats, which are carnivores, avoid sweet foods. Besides, cats also avoid foods that leave a spicy taste in their mouth.

11- Monkeys, with the exception of a few, cannot see in color

While Old World monkeys had eyes that could distinguish colors just like humans, most modern monkeys see no color at all, that is, they see the world in black and white.

Most modern monkeys do not see any color at all, that is, they see the world in black and white (pixels).

12- The extinction of about 33 different species due to cats

Nearly 33 different species have become extinct, mainly caused by domestic cats and street cats that live close to people. These species generally include birds, rodents, and other small mammals. According to statistics shared in 2013, approximately 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds are believed to have died due to cats hunting for food.

13- The mayfly is the shortest living creature on Earth

Mayflies, known as mayflies, only live for 24 hours. It mates after hatching and dies immediately afterward, making it the shortest-lived living creature on the planet.

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