How to Wash and Whiten Pillows

January 1, 2024


In my home-keeping adventures, I’ve often laundered pillows, but my recent venture pushed me a bit further. My goal was not just to clean the pillows, but to restore their original white luster. Over time, our pillows, pillow covers, and mattress protectors accumulate sweat and body oils, tingeing them with a yellow hue. I experimented with several cleaning methods and am thrilled to share my insights with you. For more of my quirky domestic endeavors, do check out this link.


Restoring the Sparkle: Whitening Yellowed Pillows and Beyond


But before we begin, a small caveat. I’ve previously laundered and dried my pillows. However, as many of us know, drying often sets stains in. Understanding this, I knew I was setting up a bit of a challenge for myself. The pillows you see here are ours, mine being originally a tad off-white. It might be hard to spot the yellowish stains, but trust me, they’re there. You’ll get a better view of them in the subsequent images. Besides the pillows, I also washed my pillowcase covers, to observe if the same cleaning procedure would work on them and possibly on mattress pads as well.


Breathing New Life into Yellowing Pillows :


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